University Empire Tycoon – Idle is an exciting game that allows players to build their own university empire. From humble beginnings, players can grow their university into a prestigious educational institution. Hire professors, construct buildings, and expand your campus to attract more students and earn money. Manage your funds wisely to invest in research facilities, sports complexes, and other amenities that will improve your university’s reputation. With stunning graphics and immersive gameplay, University Empire Tycoon – Idle offers an engaging experience for all fans of simulation games.

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It feels like the developers have forgotten about this game. I've been playing the game for off and on two years, and there hasn't been an update in a while. There's plenty of things that could be added, such as like sorority row or soccer fields. ****UPDATE***** After spending months completing the 1,000 competitions and hiring better teachers to still lose said competitions, there are no new missions. A complete waste of time.

It's a great game! I love all the unique features and attention to detail for every item you upgrade. However, building takes way too long. I lose motivation to play because it takes two seconds for me to upgrade every new thing, then I leave the app and forget about the long construction until the next day. If you add a feature where we can use in-game currency to buy more builders or at least ads to speed up building, the game would be even better.

This game is fun, its one of the better idle games out there. Only problem i have is that the time to upgrade and build stuff is way too long. After one day of playing, I find myself having nothing to spend any of my money on, the only thing in the game left to do is wait for buildings to upgrade one at a time and then I max out everything on it right after it finishes, then rinse and repeat with the build times getting longer and longer. I also wish we could zoom out further.

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