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Universal TV Remote Control

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Universal TV Remote Control Coupon reviews

my remote broke and until I could get a new one I downloaded this app. it works just like the remote I had. I haven't had any issues with the app freezing or anything. I don't care for the ads but since it's free I expected it, at least they aren't long. besides the ads I am completely satisfied with this app, I just downloaded it not too long ago so if anything changes I will update my review.

The app struggles even to find my smartTV on the same network and most the time it freezes if it does find it, forcing me to restart the app. It feeds you ads after every few button presses. Hopefully you aren't trying to do more than change the volume by a few, else it could take a while. All in all this app is slightly less useless and annoying than the other remote apps.

Works on all my TV's perfectly! No complaints there & easy to use! THE ADDS NEED TO GO!!!! my phone got a freaking virus because there's no warning that an add is coming! They just pop up! I accidentally clicked on it while trying to scroll on Netflix!! If they don't fix that problem im just gonna buy one of the other universal remotes because this is ridiculous!! It needs a keyboard too! Definitely needs some improvement!

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