“Undead Dash: Parkour Survival” is an adrenaline-pumping game that challenges players to navigate through an abandoned city overrun by zombies. Players must use their parkour skills to leap, slide, and vault over obstacles while evading the undead hordes. With stunning graphics and intense gameplay, the game offers a heart-pounding experience that will keep players on the edge of their seats. As they race against time to escape the city, they’ll encounter various challenges and power-ups to aid their survival. With its fast-paced action and thrilling atmosphere, “Undead Dash: Parkour Survival” is a must-play for fans of parkour and survival games.

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Undead Dash: Parkour Survival

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Undead Dash: Parkour Survival Review

Uninstaller after only a few minutes. When you swipe to have the character move left ir right the character keeps going side to side so you don't really get to chose things at checkpoints and it often chooses the lesser items. Basically like you aren't even playing and just watching a video as the game is not responsive to your commands.

the tech support for this game is absolutely absurd. there has been a tree under my headquarters building for probably 3 months. I've put in many tickets and all have been ignored. not only that but my doomsday rig is frozen and even though I completed the required task to get the last piece it was withheld from me. again I put in multiple tickets and heard nothing. seems they only care about the experience of players spending thousands of dollars. shame on the development team.

Idk if it's lag or a glitch but I've completed and claimed all rewards for chapter and despite having done all the missions, it still won't let me progress. It keeps saying complete the chapter....

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