US Tractor Farming Game 3D is an immersive simulation game that allows players to experience the thrills of operating a tractor on a farm. With realistic graphics and challenging tasks, players can plow fields, plant crops, and harvest produce. To enhance the gaming experience, players can utilize cheat codes to unlock special features, gain extra resources, or skip levels. Some popular cheat codes include unlimited fuel, instant crop growth, and increased speed. By using these codes strategically, players can progress faster and achieve higher scores in the game. Ready to dominate the virtual farm? Try out these cheat codes today!

New valid US Tractor Farming Game 3D Code

Code is hidden Get

- Win 50 gold coins, 20 seeds, and a new tractor.

Code is hidden Get

- "Get 600 gold coins, 200 seeds, 10 fuel, and a tractor upgrade!"

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US Tractor Farming Game 3D

List of US Tractor Farming Game 3D Codes

THJFQWUPOKDL Hero EXP x493, Energy x312, Cash x8479 (Expires on May 25, 2024)
AR1QDK2WZU EXP x718, Diamonds x98, Rubies x59 (Expires on July 21, 2024)
62ZXB95MLJD Summon Scrolls x18562, Resources x487 (Expires on June 21, 2024)
ESHZCMDQLO9 Free Boosts x7216, Rubies x683, Timber x16982 (Expires on July 12, 2024)
JHP6GFYKWZS Rubies x35, Speed Up x3461, Timber x5247, EXP x74521 (Expires on June 14, 2024)
EXU70MQITCP Rubies x384, Gems x1754, Hero EXP x61982 (Expires on June 7, 2024)
IOBVM8AC2XY Coins x815, Wood x25, Timber x25349, Food x694 (Expires on June 19, 2024)
9I8PQJNYR4FM Speed Up x85972, Energy x26, Ore x89 (Expires on June 3, 2024)
GOK7NVP1Y Coins x71, EXP x92861, Ore x82714 (Expires on May 30, 2024)
9NJDYXC8T7 Hero EXP x179, Energy x3412, Speed Up x512, Iron x59873 (Expires on June 13, 2024)

How to redeem US Tractor Farming Game 3D codes?

To redeem code for US Tractor Farming Game 3D, launch the game, go to the settings menu, click on "Redeem Code," enter code, and claim rewards.

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