Ultimate Fishing Simulator is an immersive and incredibly realistic fishing game that provides an unparalleled experience for fishing enthusiasts. With its stunning graphics, detailed environments, and lifelike fish behavior, players can feel like they’re actually out on the water. The game offers a wide range of fishing locations, various fishing techniques to master, and a comprehensive selection of equipment to choose from. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned angler, Ultimate Fishing Simulator guarantees hours of thrilling and relaxing gameplay that will satisfy your fishing cravings.

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- 50 gold, 2 diamonds, 10 rubies, 5 fishing rods, 1000 fish bait, 20 fishing hooks, 1 fishing boat, 5000 coins, 100 gems, 2 treasure chests.

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- 1000 gold, 500 gems, $20,000, 50 diamonds, 200 resources, premium fishing rod, rare bait, 10 fish lures.

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nyabj0SK516November 8, 2023
C3TMqXupJW433October 1, 2023
3ugadEN4W986November 6, 2023
sY2nEUu7eoh716October 2, 2023
yDVrKhXJqU495October 30, 2023

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Fun game, I use it to pass the time while waiting around. It doesn't really take a long time to build coins, how ever the ads after every menu I go into are kinda ridiculous, however I do understand the dev's need money to keep the game up an going forward. I would like to see a multiplayer option to fish in the same server as friends in the future, but great job over all so far. Keep it up.

It's a pretty fun fishing game for mobile. Though, I'd say that I'm not a big fan of the controls. It gets pretty tiring having to circle your finger around the screen to reel-in. Also, the control for setting the hook seems finicky to me. I seem to miss fish a lot, even though I quickly raise the rod to set the hook. Occasionally, it doesn't even register me trying to raise the rod. It would be nice if there was an alternative control scheme for reeling-in, and setting the hook.

I love that this game actually brings a degree of difficulty to catching fish and progressing. Most other fishing games have been easy, repetitive, and simple in catching every type of fish or to progress its pay to play or has no structure at all. Having to unlock better equipment and understanding each species makes this much more enjoyable. Only reason I did not give 5 stars is the amount of ads and frequency of ads, but honestly doesn't even bother me that much.

Pretty good for what it is. Lots of gear and equipment options. The graphics are a little low. Controls are a little slow to respond when changing out gear and the sizes on some of the catches are a little absurd in how world record breaking they are. Otherwise very fun fishing simulator.

Tried a few fishing games...this seems to offer the best overall gameplay. Huge store of equipment and bait. Free roaming to casting locales. I personally prefer this type of more complicated and realistic game play when hooking and catching fish a lot. No slide bar tapping or touch&release. Casting could be a lil more realistic with an upward finger swipe controlling the power and direction but still better than most with virtually unlimited cast placements.

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