UDisc is a popular app designed specifically for disc golf enthusiasts. With features such as an interactive course directory, scorecard tracking, and detailed course maps, UDisc makes it easy for players to improve their game and track their progress. The app also offers a social aspect, allowing users to connect with other disc golfers, join leagues, and organize events. UDisc provides valuable statistics and insights to help players analyze their performance and make informed decisions on the course. The app has become a go-to resource for disc golfers of all skill levels, revolutionizing the way they approach the game.

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UDisc Disc Golf App Reviews

Edited edit: After getting used to this app, I find it pretty cool. Still haven't upgraded to the premium version, but for recreational play and game improvement, the free version has been useful and insightful. I can visually see and interpret my progress (instead of "feeling" that round was better/worse). I credit this app for giving me confidence and a newfound interest in the game. The UI and interface still needs work, or maybe a tutorial link, otherwise it's great for any player to use

This is the best disc golf app around! The course finder and score keeping features are fantastic. It even has a Garmin connect feature so I can keep score from my watch! And the customer service is outstanding. With a previous update there was a problem that would cause the app to crash. When I reported it they got back to me right away and told me they were aware of it and working on it. They fixed the bug and released an update the same day and emailed me to make sure I got the fix. 5 stars!

I just upgraded my phone to a Google Pixel 8. Now when I go to use the measure throw feature on this app, I get a big black square covering most of the map that says "where are you throwing from?". I can't start or finish a measurement. I hope this is just a bug and not an attempt to force people to pay for pro. I hope it's fixed soon.

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