TWIN COBRA Classic is a beloved arcade vertical-scrolling shooter that captivated gamers in the 1980s. Developed by Toaplan, this classic game features intense battles against hordes of enemy forces, challenging players to navigate treacherous landscapes and dodge incoming fire. Armed with a powerful helicopter, players embark on a mission to destroy the terrorist organization, Aztarac. With its fast-paced gameplay, thrilling boss battles, and nostalgic pixel art style, TWIN COBRA Classic is a true gem that brings back the excitement of old-school arcade gaming.

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- 1000 gold, 50 gems, 2 rubies, 10 health potions, 1 legendary weapon, 5000 money, 5 diamonds, 20 rare equipment.

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- 10,000 gold, 5 gems, $100, 2 diamonds, 500 resources, 3 equipment items for TWIN COBRA classic.

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QAGTpN60431November 4, 2023
L0xJjAmKQ7581November 9, 2023
CrVBwtIEp946November 3, 2023
EGxkl5cgL9w947September 28, 2023
NRC1cIsf47126October 15, 2023

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Very difficult even on easy. That said, it's the best arcade version other than an emulator. Smooth gameplay and responsive controls. At the same time it's difficult to use bombs and maneuver at the same time. I would like it better if difficulty was lowered or continuing less costly. Overall, it's worth trying.

An arcade classic that is still worth playing today on a phone. Would have been perfect if the controls are more sensitive so I can use a smaller part of the screen to move. The aspect ratio is also not correct so the movement feels off. Still good, though.

Sorry developer but I had to uninstall. Kept locking my HTC 650 to the point where I couldn't even restart my phone. Crashed most times I opened it. Great game although probably easier to control on a larger screen, even on easy mode I only lasted 30 seconds max. Good luck and thank you. P.S. re: query developer: all I can tell you is 3 times out of 4, I opened the app on my HTC 650, selected EASY and pressed START, and screen went black. Twice my phone froze completely until the battery died.

Very good for classic Game Types, out of all the classic games I've played before, only this one is almost the same The old game is **Raiden DX**.with a nice graphic design and a screen display that is adapted for all types of cellphones that you use Allows you to play full screen without any problems that can make users annoyed while playing. Keep it up πŸ‘

Could be much better. Tried it on easy... What a mess. If that's easy, hang it up now. You've got boosts that you have to chase into bullets or enemies, to get them. The controlling actions are squirrelly at best. Worth $0 and only 1 star but gave it 2, because it's a good game... In concept and graphics.

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