TUDN (TU Deportes Network) is a Spanish-language sports television network in the United States. It offers in-depth coverage of various sports, including soccer, football, basketball, and more. TUDN features live matches, analysis, and commentary from renowned sports journalists, making it a go-to destination for sports fans. The network also provides exclusive interviews, behind-the-scenes access, and comprehensive reporting on sports events. Whether it’s the latest game highlights or in-depth player profiles, TUDN aims to bring the excitement and passion of sports to its viewers, making it a must-watch channel for sports enthusiasts.

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TUDN: TU Deportes Network Reviews

One of the worst, if not THEE worst apps I've had the displeasure of having to use. Where to start. App doesn't work 1/2 the times .Back to back ads( and I mean back to back. I get 4 ads to watch a game then 4 more for no reason). Can't watch the game in landscape. When I try it only shows the bottom right corner and can't back out. When I try it boots me all the way back and I have to rewatch the 4-8 ads. Ridiculous. Would give 0 stars bit alas I can't so 1 star it is.

The app is good for notifications and knowing the scoreboards at a touch of a button. However what it is not good at in fact pretty terrible at is streaming in high-quality. Now you might say I have terrible connection, but I have 1gb speeds. The fact that with those speeds I get the experience of 144p is just astonishing. If they could make it HD that would be fantastic.

Buggy. Constantly have to log out or restart app. Occasionally have to reinstall app to get live events to work. Chromecasting doesn't work. Airplay doesn't work from my iPad. Full screen is obstructed by interface graphics. If I accidentally back out of event then I have to watch 1min30secs of ads before I can watch again. It's only saving grace is that the events actually do broadcast properly when they aren't available on any other streaming service or TV station.

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