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When I first downloaded the game I absolutely loved it. Now I'm starting to get irritated because when I roll the dice and it lands on one off the spots that is a tunnel and you can skip a bunch of spaces the game completely freezes up, I've waited up to 30 minuets so I wouldn't lose my turn but I had no choice but to exit the game and that is really annoying!!!!

Fun way to do a trivia competition. I do wish there was a way to report specific suggestions about a question when they are poorly worded, ambiguous, or flat-out wrong and it also appears they don't watch them too closely for grammar. There are way too many forced ads in this game as well. I don't mind choosing to watch an ad for bonuses but I hate when I decline that and then I'm forced to watch an ad anyway between every screen. Otherwise a very fun game with cute characters.

Like many others, I enjoy the game in and of itself. It's fun and interesting. Also like many others, the app occasionally freezes up. There's also so, so, so many ads it's unbearable. It's faster to close the app and restart it when you get an unwanted ad. You may as well watch an ad to double your prizes, because it will give you an ad regardless and you won't be able to skip it. Thus fun app, but it loses most of its joy due to the ads.

Fix the APP CRASHES. Everytime I get on this app, it crashes within 5 minutes. Sometimes less. It just crashed on me right in the middle of a dice roll. Temple Trial? Can't hardly complete because the app crashes before I can make it to the 3rd line. What is the deal? I've cleared the cache and it doesn't help. It's very irritating. Other than that. I love the game. I have collected several pawns and frames and they are all cute!

Was doing great until out of nowhere the other day. Every time I land on a ? Square it gives me 3 options. 2 of which are a bunch of jumbled up letters that are definitely not english. The third is "video games". Clicking on any option results in NOTHING. I have to force close the game every time this happens. Go back into the game and lose all progress. Got an email from their customer service they're looking into it. Well you'd better hurry the eff up bc I'm about to delete this app.

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