Trench Assault is an intense and action-packed mobile game that takes you back to the harrowing battlefields of World War I. As a soldier in the trenches, you are tasked with leading your team to victory by strategically deploying troops, artillery, and tanks. Dive into the immersive gameplay as you navigate treacherous terrain and face off against enemy forces. With stunning graphics and realistic sound effects, Trench Assault provides an adrenaline-fueled gaming experience that will keep you captivated for hours. Prepare to engage in epic warfare and rewrite history in Trench Assault.

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Didn't play the original incarnation, so this review reflects the latest version. The game design, concept and graphics are all good, but the gameplay is quite deceiving. You are lured into a false sense of success with a slew of new cards, and easy opponents. However, once the gold runs dry, and your lock boxes are less plentiful, you begin to lose the ability to level your cards. On top of this, you begin to lose most of your matches, losing levels, because your opponents conveniently have much higher level cards than you (read: not real players, but A.I. designed to force you to spend). This is a money sink, and not really complex enough of a game to make it worth paying for.

What happened to the retro graphics and the old gameplay?! I loved it! It all changed in a single update and its now a card collecting game! It lost all its charm! Can this be a seperate game instead of getting rid of the old trench assault? I realize you put a lot of effort into the game and i appreciate the passion, but all of the charm is gone. All the strategy and simplicity of the old game. I miss it.

love the game, the controls are easy but I do have a few things I'd like to see changed. the amount of cash you get per victory is way to low! I'd had to win 800 matches in order to upgrade something that's expensive. the time it takes to open creates is ridiculously long especially for the wooden crates. there's a problem with hackers, like when im in a match the opponent will spam spawn the trenches with vehicles in the first 30 seconds of the game. or switch the lanes and over power you

I enjoyed putting a few hours into this game before bed each night, relaxing and using some sense of strategy. Fast forward a few months later when I'm able to get on my phone regularly again, and I don't know what happened, but some huge overhaul was made that nearly made this a different game altogether. Now I'm facing opponents that spam level 12-14 fast moving troops against my level 2 and 3s without any strategy. Can't win anymore, but I don't want to play anymore even if I could win.

Love the game, only one problem. It keeps saying "No internet connection" randomly at a rate of once every 2 minutes average... I've tried restarting my phone, using mobile data and then using wifi and no matter what I do it keeps acting the same way. I have 4G LTE and mid/top of the line internet service. None of my other games do this. The internet connection issue seems to be more so apart of this game's ability to detect my internet connection. Please look into this. Like I said, love the game. Just wish Icould actually play it. For the record I'm playing on a Galaxy Note 8. 5 stars once this issue is fixed. thanks

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Fight for your country before it's too late! - All duplicate buildings on the Base have been merged into one.
- There are only nine buildings available on the Base now.
- All buildings are built from the start and there are no more territories to unlock on the Base.
- The Intelligence Agency has been relocated from the Base and is of the max level from the very beginning.
- Equipment in the Arsenal is now ordered by default.

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