Train Merger Idle Train Tycoon is a captivating mobile game where you can fulfill your dreams of becoming a railway tycoon. Merge identical trains to create more powerful and efficient locomotives. Expand your empire by connecting routes and earning vast amounts of money. Upgrade your trains and stations to increase their capacity and earn even more profits. Manage your resources wisely and strategize your way to success as you compete against other players to become the ultimate train tycoon. Download Train Merger Idle Train Tycoon today and embark on an exciting journey in the world of trains.

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XTf5qHgw698January 4, 2024
OGBxFvgErc299December 28, 2023
KIgC3T8eB967November 26, 2023
PnNoKh4C3WU822December 22, 2023
2UZ5hsaWFB996November 27, 2023

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Train Merger Idle Train Tycoon Tier List

unfotunatly i can only give this a 3* rating. overall its actually a good game but the new Klondike playable demo add keeps crashing the game. the add will come up, the screen will go back to the game and the train is stuck in one place and none of the buttons work. if i restart the game it will play but as soon as the add pops up again my game stops. very annoying as i am actually doing well in the game. please fix this issue and i can re rate the game

i tried to give this game a chance. i like trains and it's a passable experience. However, ads are forced upon you SO much that i got very tired of it. I pay many games that have ads and this one is one of the worst, in terms of frequency. uninstalled

the only reason why I'm giving it as a resource because that it kind of gotten a little boring in Punta Cana takes way too long for adding up coins and I know it's an idle game but still yeah but anyways it's still a fun game the graphics are great everything else works and also if you try to purchase no ads you'll actually get no ads whatsoever on this game I'm letting everyone know so then they don't get ripped off

I want to like this game because I play a lot of idle games and I adore trains but this game it's just the least satisfying of them. It's slow, littered with ads, and it's just not that satisfying to get the free trains because the tracks have a hard time switching. Like I said I want to like this game but I have to say, I don't.

You guys have made the best game ever it is really fun!! But I like Mercury Locomotive it looks really cool and people who read this I encourage you to download this really good game. PS. The update is way better there are bridges and other buildings and there is a silver train I have not unlocked because you have to build it :)

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Merge trains, discover amazing engines, become a railroad tycoon! * Removed Facebook Friends functionality
* Updated game engine
* Other small improvements

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