TRAIL CLIMB is a perfect game in the classic style of a domestic developer. The main character is the driver Mikhalych. At times bleak, at times funny, he’s well versed in cars. Before a dangerous race on the steep slopes of the mountains. By all means, it is necessary to climb as high as possible. It’s good to have enough fuel and endurance, as hitting rocks and boxes on the road can cause significant damage. In order not to crash, you need to collect all the items on the way, this will replenish the wasted resources, helping to improve the car. Attractive 3D graphics, a variety of picturesque maps, fascinating secrets, attractive bonuses, of course, arouse unprecedented interest in the game.


zvgNELxxxxx Get

- Gold x8439K, Gems x273, Coins x72593

f8oZzLxxxxx Get

- Diamonds x729, Money x29543, Resources x5721K


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funZmF3SszOJuly 27, 2023248
XkeVv2qzOgoUJune 2, 2023207
jMwHA1sXi0July 6, 2023595
s8aFW7DRptxJune 20, 2023608
iresv2pTtJ5June 21, 2023412

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I really enjoyed the game however its like playing a ps2 game with no memory card. the opening scene replays every single time you return to the main menu and there is no way to skip it. also the game doesnt save your progress as soon as you close it, it deletes everything. yes I made sure my storage permissions were on and that it was set to store to device. could be a fantastic game if these things were fixed.

Well .. o really liked the game in general .. but it has alot of cons .. the game worked one time on my galaxy note 8 ... ok the graphics are nice ( unreal engine ) but its not optimized .. 90% when i try to start the game it give error and it doesnt start ... even i started the game ive changed the settings from high to medium .. the game play is ... ok .. but alot of fps drops .. u lettrly play the 1st stage for like 10 15 times .. and just crash .. and then you will level up and start tuning your car ... no objectivs or missions .. and so i can say i have played it for 15 20 mins ... so at the end .. i really want this game to success i want the game to spread .. i respect that no in-app purchases in the game .. so: 1- The game need to be polished alot 2- you can remove the icon of the player or the character .. or at leats put an option in the settings .. it will reduces the processes on the hardware 3- the sound effects need to be changed immediatly its really bad 4- use the missions and objectives 5- the hitboxes qnd collsion systems need to be fixed So alot of 2ork had to be done .. and i will refund the game .. but i will keep my eye on it ... and good luck for the team whos working on this game

Not cool I paid for a good game and just lost all my data. I did as instructed and I had no issues for around 24 hours. I unlocked multiple maps and i got to the 6x6 Benz and then i go to play it and it was all gone. After i checked my settings and saw it DID still have access I uninstalled and left my original review.

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Off-road racing around the world! ⚡ Meet two new cars with special abilities!

- New technology "TANK", he shoots and invincible!
- New car "FZ", she levitates and jumps!
- Improved optimization and balance of the game.

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