Traffix: Traffic Simulator is an immersive mobile game that puts you in control of a bustling city’s traffic system. As the city’s traffic controller, you must strategically place traffic lights and manage the flow of vehicles to prevent traffic jams and accidents. With each level presenting new challenges and increasing difficulty, you’ll need to think quickly and efficiently to keep the city running smoothly. With its realistic graphics and addictive gameplay, Traffix offers a fun and challenging experience for those who enjoy simulation and strategy games.

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The game is extremely addictive and challenging but there are a few flaws. Mainly, the amount of cars needed to win later on is so large I feel like the game no longer starts testing your skill and instead starts testing your patience. The New York level is the first one I've encountered with a 120 cars requirement and by the time I got to roughly 100 cars I got into one incident and instead of being motivated to try again I quit the game to not waste time.

It would be nice to have a "help button" for a few of these levels. Marrakesh about killed my desire to ever play this game again. I needed a mercy "help me solve this" button or walk thru. The difficulty level isn't linear because the level after Marrakesh I earned 3 starts first try. Also agree and endless feature for some levels would be great. More realistic traffic patterns would be great, too.

NO ADS! NO WIFI! A simply beautiful action puzzle game. A breath of fresh air for the ad-weary mobile gaming community. 2 stars because the levels get too difficult too quickly 4 levels in and I already felt my brain getting tired from navigating multiple directions of traffic. Bridges and irrelevant cross traffic should have been introduced separately in my opinion (tunnels first or extraneous traffic first not both at the same time, please. My poor 🧠. There is a colorblind mode.

I really enjoyed this game. I found that I got better over time without realizing it which makes it really rewarding to go back to earlier levels and beat them so easily. My only complaint is that Chaos mode seems broken balance wise. It's way easier because you can let the cars sit there for as long as you like and take your time. Part of the challenge of the base levels is the race against time, but that is effectively removed in this mode.

Great fun game that keeps you entertained for a while. Highly recommend. However, here are a few things that could use improvement. The hit areas throughout the game are too small, and the navigation main menu forces you to scroll only on the text and doesn't show you the stars for each level until you are hovering over it. Would also really like to see Google play support where there are achievements such as getting through all the levels with three stars and completing chaos mode.

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Control the traffic flow. Decide when the cars can pass and avoid crashes Fixed minor bugs.

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