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How to redeem TradingView codes?

To redeem a coupon on TradingView, visit the website, select a plan, enter the coupon code during checkout and enjoy the discounted price on your subscription.

TradingView Coupon reviews

Great charting app everything works flawless. But customer service doesn't exist unless you're a high paying upgraded member. As an upgraded member myself, I was faced with an issue that kept me from logging in and because I could not log into my account and reaching them was completely impossible. They don't have a number I could find to call them and when you click on the help you get flooded with nonsense pre-written exemples that don't cover your issue. So I had to create a new account

Update - the latest response is what I was looking for, thanks! Recent update - click on a watchlist symbol, and a one month line chart opens. Then I have to click on the maximize on the far right to get to my saved layout with candles and indicators. Why did this change? Really annoying Response is that it's a "quick overview"? What is this, yahoo finance? No one uses this app for that... It's a charting tool, stick with what you do good. Please change it or make it a setting choice.

Getting tired of updates moving icons and layout settings/options around. This happens on web version as well. I submitted a ticket about the log chart icon disappearing and they actually brought it back which was amazing.. now it's gone again.. edit 5/8/24 TV Mobile has been better lately but the Web interface keeps getting changed.. The user interaction with my ticker lists has recently changed from nice drop down to a popup box.. super annoying small problems for a super awesome platform.

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