Tower Takeover: Conquer Castle is an entertaining tower defense simulator that will help you spend your free time and improve your intelligence. Your task is to capture enemy structures as quickly as possible, preventing the enemy from penetrating your towers. Develop the right strategy and draw lines with your finger to the buildings on the battlefield, sending soldiers to capture them. Keep an eye on the enemy’s actions and quickly change tactics without giving the enemy a single chance to win. Capture all the fortresses and become the winner! The game received a minimalist visual design, addictive gameplay and simple controls.

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8DKiZBg9nkm May 11, 2023 919
3LnXiOFsWfc0 April 25, 2023 306
6Xm40glCx1 April 8, 2023 419
JZ7aGsT4Fzo May 17, 2023 409
BRGmcVyfoK7 April 14, 2023 968

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It's pretty good. However, I have some input. It feels many times like it's too easy. One other thing I have to note upon is that there is no rating system whatsoever, for example I might want to know how long time it took for me to solve a particular level (rating could be based on this). Another thing I find a bit lacking is menu options, for example I might suggest that I would like to replay earlier levels at a later time, it could be included in a menu. The ads are not very bothering.

Nearly 300 levels in. I've only encountered one or two semi-challenging levels. There's ads after every single level, but you can skip them. No in app purchases which is a plus. The 2x speed boost requires watching a full ad, and only lasts for a single level (which is often over very quickly). No menu to speak of, other than a simple pause. It's an okay game. Nothing amazing, but does what you'd expect, without throwing stages at you that you have to pay money to reasonably beat.

Quite fun! I love the way you can build up momentum toward the end. It's difficult enough to be challenging and fun, but not so hard as to be frustrating. There are ads, but they happen between levels, don't interrupt gameplay, and are skippable after 5 seconds. Everything you want in a casual, ad-supported, mobile tower battle game.

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An addictive real-time strategic tower defense game.

Name Tower Takeover: Conquer Castle
Version 1.0.1
Price FREE
Rating 4.1 (2247 ratings)
Category Codes
Update March 20, 2023
Get it on Google Play
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