Tower Defense: Magic Quest takes you on an enchanting adventure, combining the excitement of tower defense gameplay with the allure of magical creatures and spellcasting. Defend your kingdom against an onslaught of mythical beasts, using your strategic skills to place towers and unleash powerful spells. With multiple levels and increasingly challenging waves of enemies, you’ll need to carefully plan your defense and upgrade your towers to triumph. Immerse yourself in a world of fantasy and strategy, as Tower Defense: Magic Quest brings the magic to your fingertips. Can you protect your realm from the forces of darkness?

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- 10,000 gold, 5 gems, 20 rubies, 3 diamond, 2 sets of epic equipment, 100,000 resources, 1,000,000 money, 50 items

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- 500 gold, 10 gems, $50, 20 diamonds, 100 resources, enchanted staff, healing potion, legendary armor.

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ZHNsvLc6768October 28, 2023
3ivWDN9grF231September 29, 2023
S0nRIx3iT576November 9, 2023
FX60tbKxRgj606October 10, 2023
VWuqbDGaOS145November 12, 2023

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Tower Defense: Magic Quest Tier List

Okay... I know there's not exactly a whole lot of variation between tower defense games, but a lot of these assets look sort of "heavily inspired" by another very popular series of TD games on mobile. Other than that, UI is a bit clunksome, the game itself seemed pretty easy although I didn't bother playing to the end, and I don't think the micro transactions add significant value to the game. Mediocre.

Very fun, one thing I love about it is that it just throws you into the game with no tutorial. No hand holding, which I think is great. One thing I don't like are the ads. Most of them are optional which is good but there is one that will pop up after you spin a fortune wheel. I would have given more stars but I bought a deal that said it would get rid of ads and it did not. (Not too annoyed at this as it was a bundle deal, got a cool hero and a BUNCH of gems.)

Too easy. Once you upgrade the archer tower to level 5 it's the only tower you need. Just place as many as you can at the start of a map and upgrade them all as you can and nothing ever gets close to getting by. 3 starred every map with literally just archers. Definitely needs more content/balancing. Otherwise, it's not terrible. The bomb tower is not worth it. Mage towers don't feel strong enough and having only 2 guards from the barracks doesn't work, blocking 2 in a swarm isn't helpful.

Good game. But a few annoyances. I paid for no ads and every time I open the app I have to click 'restore purchase'. There is literally NO way to protect the cat in level 32 either.

It started as a decent game until i realized the unbalance between the towers and the enemies. You can simply spam the archer tower all over the map and easily win. I also noticed how map layouts in the ice area were extremely similar to Kingdom Rush maps. The enemies are also very boring and there is barely any challenge or variation.

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Tower Defense Game. Play offline - No Internet Required

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