In Tower Defense: Galaxy Legend, you are tasked with defending your spaceship from hordes of alien invaders. Strategically place different types of defense towers along the path to eliminate the enemies before they reach your ship. Upgrade your towers to unlock more powerful abilities and enhance your defenses. Explore different galaxies and challenge yourself with various levels of difficulty. With stunning graphics and immersive gameplay, Tower Defense: Galaxy Legend will keep you engaged for hours as you protect the galaxy from alien forces. Get ready for an epic space battle!

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Tower Defense: Galaxy Legend Tier List

I guess this is typical now for tower defense. The first 10 or so levels are super easy and get you into the game. Once you reach about 15-20 it gets much more difficult, which isn't bad, but the difficulty increases at a higher pace than the upgrades you can buy without spending real money, and that tends to get frustrating.

Simple but challenging and the graphics are dead on and not too busy. Most of the other tower defense games have too much going on and the colors just blend into each other. Layout is good. Only thing I would change is being able to click on stuff to see a definition or see what the actual number or percentage is for the weapons damage, range, crit, etc.

Honestly, a half assed time killer, but they didn't overdo it with ads and monetization, so apparently that's 5 stars from me. The sound, music and animation were all great, like honestly a beautiful game. The upgrade structure takes so long to grind that sticking to one tower is the way to go unless you have hours to spin the ad wheel (5 second ads that you can back out of), which kills any strategy that the creators intended. The skills are weak unless you grind the !@#$ out of leveling them

It's a simple TD experience. Not much fun, and doesn't start to get challenging until after stage 60. Once you fully upgrade your main tower, the machine gun, you don't need to use any other type of offensive towers. It's OP, and removes the need for strategy in the game.

This is exactly the kind of tower defense i love to play and i was pleasantly surprised at the effort put into the visuals. However these maps usually follow some type of grid that makes it easier to track the range of your defenses. The maps just seem to be drawn doodles with random defense placements making it very hard to place defenses strategically. The exponential increase in difficulty makes me believe this ultimitely is just another pay-to-win game. Only writing this for the in game coin

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Tower Defense strategy space td game! Become Tower Defense Galaxy Legend! Fix bug.

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