Total Party Kill is an addictive online game where strategic decision making is crucial for survival. Embark on a perilous journey with your team, facing dangerous monsters and challenging puzzles. The game requires players to work together, using each character’s unique abilities to overcome obstacles. From battling hordes of undead to navigating treacherous mazes, every move counts. With vibrant visuals, immersive gameplay, and an exciting storyline, Total Party Kill delivers hours of thrilling entertainment for RPG enthusiasts. Can you lead your party to victory or will you succumb to a total party kill?

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This game was so fun to play. I love the idea of the characters being used to progress the level so much. The puzzles were executed very well and a couple of them were head scratchers for me. A sequel would make me run to the app store. I loved the music, but I wish there were different tracks. Art style was cute as well. 10/10 honestly.

Beat all the levels. It was really fun. I felt like a kid playing a online puzzle flash game. The puzzles themselves were enjoyable and for the most part on the easy side. But there were still some levels that definitely have you thinking for a while. It was also super neat to figure out the mechanics and see how people/actions interact with each other to solve the puzzle. Would recommend if you enjoy puzzle games.

A clever little puzzle game with a charming aesthetic and some pretty nice background tunes as well. At only 60 puzzles long, it's fairly short, but just about every one of those puzzles is quite meaty. Controls are serviceable; you're never going to completely get around the problems of a virtual gamepad, but they weren't a dealbreaker. Finally, there are a moderate number of ads, but devs gotta eat, and there is a way to remove them. Highly recommended!

I think the game was very well made and the mechanics are interesting. There is a new strategy introduced about every 5 levels which is a good place for learning about the game. But eventually the mechanics kind of seem to become a little boring. A new character or ability upgrade every now and then would be nice. Possibly a reviver or grapple arrows. Just a little mix up. But the game is still pretty good. 4 stars for now.

Great game that's fun and challenging. Really makes you think things through. Eventually got to the point where I had to use YouTube to find solutions. Fun game for casual or long play. The controls work well. Does have frequent ads, but they do offer a purchase to remove them, so can't complain. Has at least 60 levels (maybe more, not sure). Definitely worth trying this game, developers did a great job on it 👍.

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Hunt for the great treasure and solve puzzles by sacrificing your teammates! -Updated to support Android 13.
-Adaptive Icon.
-Small fixes and adjustments.

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