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Toonpics – Cartoon Photo Edit

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To redeem a coupon for Toonpics – Cartoon Photo Edit, open the app, go to the settings or menu section, select "Redeem Coupon," enter the code, and enjoy discounts or special offers.

Toonpics – Cartoon Photo Edit Coupon reviews

This app is nothing like the adverts. PLEASE do not download this app. their "time machine" Does not change your facial features at all. when I did 60 years old it just 'gave' me gray hair. And that didn't even look good. When I did 20 years old it only gave me a smoothing filter. this app sucks. not to mention that there is CONSTANT adds that you have to watch to do ANYTHING, EVEN SEEING YOUR RESULTS! 1 star. I'm un-downloading this app

I don't like this app. It is very horrible. It's got too many ads And you have to watch an ad for like every single filter you do It's a one out of ten :(

To me this so a complete scam pls do not download this it doesn't work constantly having adds and when they make u look older the only make your hair grey it a stupid app never trust it

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