Tiny Hunters Codes (2023 December) 3.1.1

Last update November 22, 2023

Tiny Hunters is a thrilling and captivating documentary that explores the remarkable world of small predators. From ferocious spiders to cunning insects, this film sheds light on the incredible hunting techniques and adaptations of minuscule creatures. Viewers will be astonished by the speed, precision, and intelligence displayed by these tiny hunters. Through stunning footage and expert commentary, we delve into their secretive lives and witness their ruthless pursuit of prey. Prepare to be amazed by the hidden world of the smallest and deadliest predators in existence.

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vLjRfM1t409December 15, 2023
K8qTg4ObJw232January 8, 2024
zi7ToSnCY156January 21, 2024
8EkA1lnI6Kw401December 20, 2023
Kf5ocHJNpF202December 17, 2023

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Tiny Hunters Tier List

Love the game, it's super fun. But it's really aggravating when I join games and can't last longer than five seconds because other players get killed. It would be nice if we had a friends list. That way I could play with friends who knows how to play the game so we can actually make use of our energy instead of wasting it on five seconds games with people who can't play. Or bots who aren't designed to run away from the monsters.

I wish they didn't enable super intrusive. The gameplay is fun, very fun. It would be more fun if there was any sense of a player base. Always bots. And the upgrades get a little grindy. I was happy grinding, playing single player. You can only play with "energy" anyways. But now BUT NOW ads, ads as far as the eye can see. Every other action, after every small game. I'm done. Take the ads off and its 4 stars even with it's problems.

wonderful game and very fun to play. interesting mechanics with each hunter. I wish that the matchmaking would stop putting me in lobbies filled with bots. the AI of the bots is awful, so they end up running straight into the monster and dying, ending the game early. I would like to play this game with real people. I don't care if that means the queue is longer. also, some cosmetics would be nice. the armor pieces you get look cool until you realize it doesn't change the look of your hunter 8/10

It's areally fun game. It's simple enough to pick up quick, but you must refine your skills as the challenge goes up. Each match is short, so you can play at your leisure. No micro transactions. A few issues. The first is that sometimes matchmaking fails, putting you in an endless loop requiring a reload. The second is that sometimes the controls move you in the wrong direction. If they added a friends list and some minor cosmetic customization, this game would thrive.

Very good game! Fun gameplay, simple concept, easy to understand. Wish there was more movement options and controls are kinda clunky. Lots of glitches but only some of the time. Wish there was more variety in the enemies and levels. The level where you play as the monster is the glitchiest of the levels and you can barely control the monster. Wish you could spectate people and monsters when you die instead of just the monster that killed you. Customization would be cool too. Very good but buggy.

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Team-up and hunt GIANT MONSTERS! Mighty Hunters be aware! Do you feel the magic in the air?

- Discover the Enchanted Forest!
- Test your temple against two new monsters, the Lunastrider and they mist-touched Moon Ursonn
- Out-damage your opponents and claim your spot at the top!

Your shaman wishes you an expeditious journey! Stay focused and thrive in battle!

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