Three Kingdoms & Puzzles: Match 3 Game is an addictive, strategic puzzle game inspired by the legendary Three Kingdoms period in Chinese history. Players must match and connect colored blocks in order to defeat enemies, complete challenges, and progress through the game’s story. The game features stunning visuals, immersive sound effects, and a variety of power-ups and special abilities to help players overcome increasingly difficult levels. With its blend of match-3 gameplay and historical narrative, Three Kingdoms & Puzzles offers an engaging and entertaining experience for fans of both puzzle games and Chinese history.

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- Sure! Here's a possible reward for the game: "3 Golden Ingots, 5 Silver Horses, 100 Bronze Coins"

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- "Unlock 100 gems, 500 gold, 3 epic cards, 10 energy!"

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Three Kingdoms & Puzzles: Matc

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CODEExpiration Date
P5JMYE31February 19, 2024
Z3T619FUNWMarch 18, 2024
02PIND73LMarch 12, 2024
89CWJF2V1INFebruary 23, 2024
QJC5IVNZ01March 14, 2024
6D70CRHPMarch 7, 2024
KUH78RWV9CMarch 23, 2024
5QTDXLEJVMarch 6, 2024

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Three Kingdoms & Puzzles: Matc Review

Miles above Empires and Puzzles. Only same styled game I've encountered where people aren't complaining about a pay to win dynamic, because this game just gives and keeps on giving. Getting 4 or 5 star heroes is actually reachable from the rewards from logins, quests, challenges, etc., and I love that. I also love the backstories behind the heroes. It gives them more character. The only flaw I can come up with are some typos, but I can't complain too much. I hope it stays this generous!

Best of the genre, by far. Hero progression is actually attainable, resources are generously given for free, and the gameplay itself is really fun. One of the few games that want you to actually play, as opposed to grinding through a tedious money pit. This game is a solid 11/10, well done.

Was loving it but then could not log in anymore. My alliance and I were all starting to move over from the game we played together that is ceasing to exist. DEVELOPERS gave notice we only have 2 months left. We tried desperately to find a new home. 6 of us already moved only to not be able to play anymore as of this evening EST about 7pm. I hope this gets fixed because I would give it 5 stars otherwise. Feeling sad right now.

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