Three Kingdoms: Destiny Heroes is an engaging mobile strategy RPG that transports players to the turbulent era of the Three Kingdoms in ancient China. Players can recruit famous generals such as Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, and Zhao Yun to build their own powerful army and engage in epic battles. With stunning graphics and immersive gameplay, players can enjoy a variety of game modes including PvE, PvP, and guild battles. The game also offers a rich storyline and diverse gameplay mechanics, providing a truly captivating gaming experience for fans of the Three Kingdoms era and strategy RPG enthusiasts.

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- 1. 100 gold coins, 50 energy points, and 20 gems. 2. 200 silver coins, 30 stamina, and 10 keys. 3. 50 bronze coins, 25 friendship points, and 15 clan tokens.

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- 1. 200 gold, 100 silver, 50 gems, 5 energy potions - reward

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Three Kingdoms: Destiny Heroes

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CODEExpiration Date
8BYP10ZVApril 6, 2024
T8V31EK2J4March 4, 2024
JYF53EPTHMarch 27, 2024
2LZB9PWQY5FFebruary 17, 2024
ZM50FOCG38March 28, 2024
P8U724CRMarch 11, 2024
AJXI786GMHMarch 25, 2024
EW7UHGTFXMarch 31, 2024

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Three Kingdoms: Destiny Heroes Review

Editing my review until things are fixed. I put money down on this game and was enjoying it a lot. Then suddenly, it won't let me log in. Keeps saying I have an unstable connection. My wife, on the same network and right next to me, can log in with no problems. Edit: It is working now. Still incredibly annoyed at the loss of an event I should have won. The game itself is enjoyable, the stability of the game needs to be improved.

Edit: My review after playing for a week. Game has lots of bugs. Such as when you use a tactic and the characters just do not move even when attacked. Lots of spelling mistakes of the characters and even wrong names matching the wrong faces. Developer is not interested in fixing bugs but opening new server every few days. Definitely p2w element is there as lots of attractive packages for purchase. Such a pity as all these spoils a good 3 kingdoms battle card game.

Its a game where you really have to sell every. single. thing. that you owned just to even get close to some of the top players. Resources are super strapped at the higher lvls and really require you to pay to progress. DONT support this game, there are people in the game who hacks/cheats. Either that or they are super ridiculously lucky(VIP 5 with a 8 star Lu Bu? Yea right, you cheater) Some of the mechanics are just downright frustrating to play with, not to mention that the devs probably doesnt care about QoL improvements other than throwing more servers to make it look like its very popular. Just play another different three kingdoms game, save your wallet life.

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