Name The Walking Zombie: Shooter
Version 2.64
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Rating 4.5 (135451 ratings)
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Update January 15, 2023
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The Walking Zombie game takes place in the near future, where not the best prospects await. An incredibly terrible epidemic fills the world with hordes of zombies, from now on you need to do everything possible in order to survive.

Fight your opponents using a wide range of weapons. As a result, enjoy gorgeous graphics while surviving thanks to a gun. It can be gradually upgraded to cause maximum damage. Hone your accuracy, quickly reload, use all the ammunition. None of the dead should remain on earth, otherwise the human race will not continue its own existence.

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oIvHciDKtYXh February 16, 2023 172
DxnLhUNVov January 21, 2023 627
DBwUgPa6HlS January 27, 2023 879
XkCWfQF2jAl February 1, 2023 196

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I was hoping for motion control, but this is still a great game despite a fixed position. It has responsive controls & the bullets feel like they really have some kick to them, despite the lower graphics compared to other shooters. It's challenging, yet fun & has a weird humor concerning some of the bosses. I wasn't expecting the wackiness of the first one you encounter.

It's pretty good. I played Walking zombie 2 first. Cool to know that Boris is the main character in this one. That man you dig the watch out of the toilet for. The game is good, easy controls, kind of repetitive, typical walking zombie game. Has an offline mode; its possible to play without ads. Doesnt have a fuel system like the second so there is infinite playtime. The game seems to slowly introduce new mechanics. Cant say much Im only like 20 levels in. Rated so it would stop asking me to.

This game is great but there are a few problems. After you beat day 10 there is no more story and after you beat day 200 there are no more levels so it is pointless to keep the game. I really wish there was a survival mode and some story at least at the end of the game because it is super boring at the end. You kill the boss, get coins, and thats it, absolutely nothing. And the on the armoury screen where it shows your current day it says day 201 but there isn't one (that I can tell).

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Zombie shooter game (FPS): From survivor in walking dead city to zombie killer. - Performance optimization
- Fix bugs

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