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I like the app. The main radio station I used to listen to the Tar Heels doesn't carry the games anymore so the app comes in really handy. Also being able to listen to teams outside of my area is really nice. My main issue with the app is that it doesn't keep playing if the screen turns off. It really annoying to have to keep restarting the feed.

Feed drops every few minutes lately. Unacceptable performance! Annoying that I have to bypass the login screen, and then the "add teams to follow" screen EVERY TIME I OPEN THE APP... and then the teams I follow don't show at the top of the streaming feeds list! What's the point of saving follows if you still have to scroll through all feeds to stream your favorites? I'm glad this app exists, but functionally it's a mess.

Up until the latest update, this worked great. But now it literally stops playing audio while it is streaming. I have to switch to the other team's feed and then back to my team's feed at least once every five minutes. That doesn't make it super useful if I'm listening while working out, cleaning, cooking, or whatever else. I love what Learfield does with programming but this app needs some fixing to match the rest of the company.

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