The Survivor: Rusty Forest is a thrilling survival action game set in a world almost destroyed by a deadly virus. It led to the death of most of the world’s population. Only a few survivors of the virus are fighting a fierce struggle for survival. You are one of the miraculous survivors. Explore the surrounding territories during the day, collect valuable resources, get food, create weapons, necessary tools. Build a strong shelter and set traps around it. Protect your house at night from the attacks of monsters, predatory animals and other survivors.

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Codes Expiration Date Total
HYfsijXp9Qn January 24, 2023 350
p4DoPIUdHlYN January 13, 2023 117
98Jj5tvBYg December 18, 2022 908
3BZEQpAj2cM January 13, 2023 902
cK48oPmyCSJ December 22, 2022 950

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It looks like a good game, but it constantly freezes. I have been playing for about 20 minutes and in that 20 minutes i had to restart the game 5 times. Most of them were main menu, i can barely get passed the "main menu". I thought the graphics were a little too much for my phone so i lowered them, and it made no difference. It just keeps crashing.

in the previous version I can drive a car but the latest version doesn't even have a button to get into the car.. and I've tried to make the Ax always fail

This game is probably the worst I have ever played on mobile. The map is tiny, and the buildings are just there for decoration. It takes too much effort to even get the basic tools since it takes so much time getting resources, and chances are you'll be killed by a bear before. Also there are no zombies despite this being marketed as a zombie game. As for the controls, the movement is wierd and unsatisfying since the joystick base moves about for some reason. Overall, I would not recommend.

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- AI improved
- armor bug fixed
- crafting bug fixed
- post-processing effects added
- gamepads support (beta)

Name The Survivor: Rusty Forest
Version 1.0.7
Price FREE
Rating 3.9 (545 ratings)
Category Codes
Update December 4, 2022
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