The Office Quest is an exciting point-and-click adventure game that takes players on a hilarious journey through an eccentric office environment. In this game, players assume the role of a bored office worker who embarks on a quest to escape the monotonous routine. With a unique art style and clever puzzles, The Office Quest provides endless entertainment as players navigate through the maze-like office, interact with quirky characters, and discover hidden secrets. Get ready for a humorous and challenging adventure that will test your problem-solving skills and keep you entertained for hours.

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- 10 gold, 5 gems, 3 diamonds, leather armor, wooden sword, 2 rubies, 1000 money, 15 resources, and a magical staff.

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- 3 gold, 5 gems, 100 money, 2 diamonds, 50 resources, powerful equipment, rare items, 10 potions.

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hO7ZsDgy843October 8, 2023
sfmEgrWUSt427October 10, 2023
M2gWX1V68417November 16, 2023
KBjREalzn90364September 22, 2023
ib6fwGLURY112November 4, 2023

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This game is visually lovely, but BEWARE the bait-and-switch! I really enjoyed Ch. 1, so I splurged at the pay-point to buy the game for $3. Little did I know - that was $3 for just Ch. 2! Then, they want ANOTHER $3 for Ch. 3. Against my better judgment I went for it - and was punished with a really brutal platformer-arcade game blocking my way. The arcade controls were poor, and the game was logically uninteresting. I choose not to play arcade games because I dislike them, so throwing one in the middle of an adventure-escape-puzzle game is downright rude. On top of all that, there is no auto-save unless you finish a Chapter (with no warning that you'll lose your progress), and there are huge lags between scenes, even when you are within one puzzle/level (and most of the puzzle/levels have a LOT of back-and-forth between scenes). It would have been a mistake to pay even just $3 for the game that I got. Having paid $6 for it? This is a huge regret.

Disappointed. Uninstalling. First you get to play one "chapter". It doesn't tell you what you picked up (ex toy hammer, just thought it was mallet) so trying to follow the logic of what would go together to move the level along is not really there especially after you get off the elevator. I play these games all the time on the hardest mode. I found things but what to do with them after I did was not clear at all. Need more thought. Definitely not an app of quality that I'd ever purchase.

I just downgraded my review due to the fact that every level costs money, rather than a one time fee to play. The rest of my original review below. Fun game and challenging puzzles...but you have to complete each level to save progress. If not you have to do all the puzzles on a level all over again each time you log in.

Chapter 3 Bird Mini Game Sucks. Normally I love adventure games but the controls for the bird/electricity puzzle were terrible enough for me to completely stop playing the game. It's impossible on my phone. Walkthroughs I've watched look like the arrow buttons work as expected. Mine, however, don't. Of you press right, the character keeps moving right and you have to jump to stop the lateral movement. Terribly frustrating and totally done with this game.

TO DEVELOPER: PLEASE INVEST IN ADS RATHER THAN CONTINUOUS FEES. I loved the game and I am astonished by the fact that you're independently creating it. There are no negative things I can say about the game itself. However, I do agree with others about the systematic charges and it really hinders me from giving this a high score. I saw in previous reviews that you'll be adding the next chapter free of charge, which I can appreciate, but I still spent 6 bucks on a very short game. I'd rather have ads (annoying, but necessary) than continual charges, and that way u can still get paid for the great work u do!

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A comical escape adventure!

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