The Last Knight:The Last Warrior is a role-playing game that takes legendary heroes into a fantasy world. The ancient magical world has been invaded by monstrous creatures.

Only heroes can defend their homeland. Each character in the RPG is endowed with unique skills and abilities that can be improved. Upgrade your hero, create original equipment and powerful weapons. Take part in battles against monsters, defeat bosses and get special rewards – war horses and wings. Join leagues to fight against numerous opponents together.

Active The Last Knight VIP Codes

wxk7CExxxxx Get

- Gold x8743K, Gems x428, Coins x29345

0aMglAxxxxx Get

- Diamonds x947, Money x26793, Resources x5162K

The Last Knight Codes

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Gift CodesExpiration DateTotal
tgYS7dJ8OrHJune 1, 2023214
tSPQmM7RFTDgJuly 12, 2023919
keYiSdoDACJune 7, 2023382
WFhID31J7NAJune 26, 2023138
n6YUP1gH3waJuly 8, 2023238

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  • Step 2: Enter the code in the gift code' box and press 'Confirm' to receive the reward.
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Very easy game to learn and play. Almost everything is auto from looting, combat, travel: leveling gems, pets, gear, etc... I love games where I can just play and not have to learn how to do 100 things in game. I recommend this very relaxing game with decent graphics and quests that don't make you run back and forth over and over. Well done mates!

At first was f... But then support really took care of everything right away. So appreciate support team. The fun good grafics. You can play or go auto option. The characters are cool. Lots to do do. Like any other adventure game. But I like it so far going great appreciate it. Good people to play with. But it's Russian. All good translation works good for me. So for me I give it the 4 pack thumbs up.

It's a nice game, not going to lie but there are flaws that are extremely frustrating to tolerate. First off, the game continues with the same types of quests repeatedly, testing the patience of players. It gets boring doing the same quests . Second of all, obviously p2w progresses and becomes stronger. If you want to be f2p then grind for it, it's hard and you won't be able to compete with other whales but atleast you'll get stronger everyday. 3rd the graphics makes me sleepy.

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Welcome to the era of mages and warriors! 1. A new nurturing system - the Yingling system is coming.
2. A new series of gameplay - Yingling refining world is coming.
Players can defeat the Yingling bosses, collect equipment and strengthening props to activate and train the Yingling.
3. The Yingling game opens a new ranking activity: the ranking activity is based on the progress of the development of the Yingling ranking settlement, to receive generous rewards!
4. Fix other known bugs.

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