The Halal Guys is a beloved fast-casual restaurant chain that started as a humble food cart in New York City back in 1990. Known for their delicious and affordable Middle Eastern cuisine, The Halal Guys have gained a loyal following across the globe. Their menu offers a variety of dishes, including their famous chicken and gyro platters, falafel sandwiches, and flavorful rice bowls. With a focus on halal-certified ingredients and exceptional customer service, The Halal Guys continue to delight their customers with their flavorful and satisfying meals.

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- 15% off your next order, free drink with purchase, buy one get one free on chicken platter.

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- 50% off any platter, Free side of hummus with purchase, Buy one get one free falafel.

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axg9UKhf659October 20, 2023
HJcfMYpNli343September 28, 2023
qtD0UJY8a603September 28, 2023
9HlI8Q30guV816November 18, 2023
pfRgHcVyPd460November 5, 2023

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The Halal Guys Premium/Pro Account Free

Useless app. Every Halal Guys location I go to, they always tell me the same thing when I try to scan my account: "Oh, our rewards system is currently not working right now." This is EVERY location, by the way. And it hasn't been working for the past 2 years I've been trying this. What's the point of having a rewards program when NONE of your restaurants participate or never have the system working?? Also, like many other people here, I lost so many previous points from the past. Useless.

The app lacks in user experience. some icons are too small, the design language isn't consistent with how mobile apps should be. Biggest problem with the app is that you cannot modify favorite orders or delete the ones that you no longer want there. For curbside you can't save your vehicle which is not that big of a problem but would be nice to have.

App is fine but clearly the staff at restaurants don't know how the app works. Coupons don't seem to matter and ETA don't seem to matter. I've applied coupons, no one noticed it on the order. I've arrived and they only start making the food once I arrive, but before. Also anytime brewed drink is ordered it does not seem to appear on the orders for the staff. So I've had lemonades and iced teas missed on multiple occasions.

I have a stock Google Pixel 2 XL and the app works fine for about a minute before popping up saying "Your device basic integrity test check failed, Signs of system integrity compromise, such as rooting" My device isn't rooted or modified in any way, but the app thinks it is, so I can't place an online order or do much of anything because as soon as I verify the prompt, it closes the app. No point in preventing rooted phones anyway as there's nothing anyone should be able to do with a food ordering app with root permissions that they couldn't do without them.

I bought things there once in a while, and the food was great, but I was thinking to myself why I haven't gotten my free platter yet? Then I saw their points system expired. So if you don't eat there like everyday, it's pointless to get their app. This is the only place I know that have expired points. This app discourage me from going there anymore when I have other places that doesn't have expired points. Very disappointed.

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We've made it even easier to order ahead and added tiers to our loyalty program. The Halal Guys are thrilled to offer our NEW Catering and Family Meal, available at select locations now!

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