The Game of Life 2 is a popular sequel to the classic board game, introducing new features and updated gameplay. Set in a vibrant 3D world, players embark on a life journey, from college and career choices to family and retirement. With a variety of paths to success, players can customize their avatars, explore different life milestones, and make decisions that impact their virtual lives. The game offers a blend of strategy, chance, and storytelling, making it an engaging experience for players of all ages. The Game of Life 2 is a modern twist on a timeless favorite.

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The Game of Life 2

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The Game of Life 2 Review

I have only played this once. The animation is fairly decent. The options were okay even if the "actions" did seem a bit limited after the third or fourth yellow spot hit. One thing which did bother me a little was how small the board felt. I guess I still remember the original game board being much longer and more flavorful by having mountain ranges and bridges to drive over. Using multiple gauges to determine the overall winner was a nice touch.

I bought the app, which I rarely do, thinking of how much I used to love playing Life. Then I find out you only get one map and have to pay for any extras. Absolutely no way to earn them, it's pay real money or nothing. Total scam in my opinion. The game seems fun and graphics are cute but I don't need an app that is just a money pit. Returning it!

I've been looking for a game that I can play that doesn't require coins or dumping money into it to keep going. This is the one. Really fun with length gameplay. Some people don't like the lack of character customization. I don't mind it too much, but that is one area of improvement I see. Can't complain much though - the lack of being bombarded with ads, no coins or timed rewards to play, id gladly pay .99 for a cute character outfit. Awesome job with this one!

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