The Deer Society is a community dedicated to the welfare and conservation of deer populations worldwide. With a passion for these graceful creatures, members collaborate to promote responsible hunting practices, habitat preservation, and education. They actively engage in discussions on deer behavior, population management, and research projects. Through their online platform, members share their hunting experiences, knowledge, and tips, fostering a sense of camaraderie among fellow outdoor enthusiasts. The Deer Society is committed to ensuring a sustainable future for deer and connecting like-minded individuals who appreciate the beauty and importance of these majestic animals.

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I'm pretty sure I'm actually happy to see this app isn't working because its likely a lot of bloatware and "partner selling". There are plenty of instructional videos on YouTube. I was probably just going to satisfy my curiosity as to why a simple call needs a phone app before uninstalling but now I can get back to hunting. I am embarrassed for them to see how long its been down. But they are probably filling more orders than they can handle while chewing out their consultants and programmers.

It used to work, now it sends me to the play store and tells me to update. It only shows open (not update). Tap to open and it shows the Deer Society logo and sits there spinning. It never does anything. I've un-installed then re-installed, nothing different. This is the 3rd week I've tried, no positive results on app. or from email and voicemail to The Deer Society.

I try to open the app, it says there is a new version, it sends me to Google Play to get the new version, when I get to Google Play, it gives me the screen that the app is downloaded and the open button, I push the open button to open the app. and it never opens, I close everything down, go to the app on my phone again, same thing as above all over again, app never opens... I also tryed uninstalling, then downloading the app again, guess what! Same thing...

Learned a few things even at 68 , and still learning! Enjoyed the way you have posted us a life time of learning experience,deer hunting for 52 years, rifle and bow enjoy both! Archery has been the best learning experience, so now I have been shooting a lot of bucks,at under 70 yards with my 7mm .Rem. Mag . Bow range with rifle, just because of practicing bow hunting technique. Calling is something I am learning, because Black Tail Deer , are probably the hardest deer too have respond to the cal

App was working a few months ago (for me). But, now it sends me to the Play Store for an "Update." There is no Update option in the Play Store. App is just broken for me now. Fortunately, all this can be accessed through the main website anyways.

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