That Level Again 3 is the third installment in the popular puzzle platformer series. In this game, players must navigate through various levels filled with challenging obstacles and mind-bending puzzles. Each level presents a unique twist on gameplay mechanics and requires players to think outside the box to progress. With its minimalist graphics and addictive gameplay, That Level Again 3 offers hours of fun and frustration for players looking for a mental challenge. Can you solve the puzzles and conquer each level?

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I love this game. It's fun and puzzling but also easy and the story is sweet. However, as many have said, level five crashes after you get all the flowers on many devices. I'd really like to play more of the game but it's hard when I cant get to level six no matter how many times I complete level five. Please fix it! My phone is a something Nine and it's fairly new if that helps. If you do manage to find a solution let me know!

10/10 would play again!!! The little twist really had me stumped for a bit, I ended up replaying about 5 different times before I actually figured out what I had to do😂😂 so fun, crazy puzzles, still had the major theme of the repetition and I like that a lot!!! I think the sequels are really great at feeling connected as a series without being boring or FEELING like a sequel, if that makes sense. Like, this is as much a sequel as it is a really good stand alone and I think that's great!!

Literally, one of the most beautiful games I have ever played. Story to art to gameplay. 100% recommend the whole tla series. I have no complaints, all the games are so enjoyable and lovely to play in your free time. I loved every second. It almost made me cry. Phenomenal game.

The story and the overall idea of the game is amazing. It gave me chills. The innovative brain behind this game is truly a genius. The part where the photo just becomes the girl herself. Truly worth playing.

I never ever write reviews or even rate anything, but this game, this trilogy it is different. All three games are just random mobile games there are literal works of art, the emotions this game will evoke in you is extraordinary. I have never felt this emotional in my life ever. You NEED to play all there games

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A small logic game. Solve logic puzzles and pass levels! some fixes

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