Horror Clown is the epitome of terror and nightmares. Its ominous presence sends chills down your spine, haunting your every thought. With its eerie smile and blood-stained costume, this scary ghost is a true embodiment of fear. It lurks in the shadows, waiting to unleash its horrifying tricks on unsuspecting victims. The mere sight of Horror Clown sends shivers down your spine, leaving you paralyzed with terror. Prepare yourself for a thrilling encounter with this bone-chilling entity that will test your bravery to the core.

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It's challenging and fun. For everyone complaining about taking forever to beat it or not being able to use weapons fast enough, the whole point of the game is to make sure you don't survive. It' like throwing you into a haunted house or whatever with just a flashlight and you have to survive without any help and find your own way to survive. If you always have to rely on hints it's like your character's scared and wants to warp out without trying to beat the clock and survive on their own.

Overall a great and entertaining game but you can't finish if playing offline. After it prompts you an ad is coming the game will suddenly close and you have to start over, losing all progress which is quite frustrating. You should be able to play this without any internet connection. Please fix and I will update my rating.

Love the game . Almost to my full stars but. I disliked how I can't save my achievements. Like to play on my breaks and having to restart my mission every single time was tiresome. Also when I finished chapter one and gathered up all the items, moved into chapter 2 I had no inventory. Made all my work unnecessary. Just a few comments, I honestly did enjoy the game but wouldn't move on if this is the outcome on every level.

It's not opening, no matter what I do. Refresh my phone, uninstall the app and install it again, adjust graphics, clear data, and etc. (it's very rare for that to happen to me.)

Awesome game I really enjoyed it the graphic are decent and I generally got jumpscared a few times. My only complaint is I wish you could of used the gun. Also I got lost a couple times and had to watch ads to figure out what I was doing so if you could somehow make it more know of what you have to find first that would be great. Other then that the game was good I really enjoyed it

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