Conquer the world and gather a whole army of your evil associates? Now it has become possible thanks to the game Tap Tap EvilMastermind simulator. Earn money selling on the black market.

Recreate your own supervillain team online and fight against other armies. Conquer the headquarters of your enemies, develop and protect your headquarters from attacks. Earn coins and decorate your secret office with various additional accessories. From now on, you are completely and completely ready to conquer our entire planet Earth, and maybe even the whole Universe.

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Gift Codes Expiration Date Total
lEy8KTGg2bN February 8, 2023 599
wRQLEiej06S4 February 27, 2023 671
HCi5Tykp7D February 10, 2023 389
A23DoKCSExc March 17, 2023 377
TdekHrOmGUu February 14, 2023 567

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Tap Tap Evil: Clicker Idle RPG Tier List

Seems fun early on, but you quickly realize how poorly made it is. It's not balanced at all. Many of the decor and upgrades don't even actually do anything: for example gems by tapping doesn't work and the mega wallet which is supposed to increase how many coins you can get while offline but caps out at 2.16 billion even when it says it should be allowing you to get quintillions. The story ends after the third continent. All of these problems have been in the game since day 1 and won't be fixed.

The game is cute and I like the premise and LOVE the style but it's very dull. There's very little incentive to play and grow and some things are just incredibly unbalanced (such as the "make it rain" ability being all but useless and the offline coin income capping so low there's really no point to letting it idle). The ads were pleasantly not-invasive and the incentives to watch them were decent. The game would benefit greatly from more interactivity and goals/rewards.

Seems unfinished and unbalanced... Played the game, and maxed out my leader and minions (level 50), but still don't even have 1 blueprint finished. Most decorations have no bonuses or even do what they say. "Gems from clicking" upgrade broken. Screen intel wrong. Can only have 8 minions in use and no real differences. Raining money is pointless bc it gives so little money. Looks like a game, but pretty quickly, you realuze it just looks like one...

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tap titans, tap to riches, fight evil heros in this idle RPG apocalypse clicker! Dear Masterminds,

Do you like a tasty beef burger every now and then? How 'bout a fizzy soda to wash it all down?
Well look no further!
Take control the 70s Diner and become an agent shreddin', burger flippin' evil maniac!

Name Tap Tap Evil: Clicker Idle RPG
Version 1.15.22
Price FREE
Rating 4.7 (53118 ratings)
Category Codes
Update January 25, 2023
Get it on Google Play
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