Tap Dungeon Hero is an exhilarating idle RPG game that will keep you hooked for hours. Embark on an epic adventure in a medieval fantasy world filled with dangerous dungeons and powerful monsters. As the hero, you must tap your way through levels, slaying monsters and collecting valuable loot. Upgrade your skills and equipment to become even stronger. The game’s simple tap mechanics combined with stunning graphics and captivating gameplay make it a must-play for RPG enthusiasts. Download Tap Dungeon Hero now and become the ultimate dungeon hero!

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Don't put a rate the game in the tutorial! Also you only get stuff if you say the game is good? Really shows that the play store really should rethink their way of rating stuff!!!! Edit: tried playing for a bit anyway as I'm bored to hell but nothing new here, linear progression and very little to do for a klicker game. follower characters, a couple of skills and a simple prestige system of upgrading artifacts. If you look in the sample picks that's everything you can do in the whole game...

I enjoy the game so far. I do wish the guild feature would be working. I would love to see a blitz feature added to this game. After rebirthing, possibly blitz up to a certain amount of levels gaining equips from all the bosses within the time period of blitzing. I've got many ideas but I'll be patient and take things one step at a time. If you want me to communicate directly using the email. I can do that.

It's so rare to find a game you don't have to pay to advance and yet are still thoroughly entertained. The ads are 100% optional, unlike most games, and also supply you with needed/wanted items. Each character has their own perks that blend well with one another. Every time you hit a milestone, which again-don't need to pay to play-you get ridiculously helpful rewards, too. I like this dungeon adventure game.

Great game. Inspired many copies but this one is best. The animation is very attractive, the monster names are quirky and make it more fun, the percentage damage of heroes and dps of your heroes on the attacking screen is an amazing feature that other copies don't have which is very useful, items have great variety of looks and effects and the champion stories are good for when you get bored of clicking. There are many more great features so they all together they make the game deserve 5 stars

Very polished, with a great amount of playability. Lots of fun features, but there is definitely a short-term advantage to spending money (for tournaments and such). The Abyss seems like a bit of a thirsty move on behalf of the devs, but there's really only so much you can do with a casual clicker. Overall a very fun experience if you're bored every once in a while, but constant playing will burn you out if you need new content all the time.

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