Dendy Tanks is a popular retro arcade game that was first released in 1989. It features a 2-player co-op mode where players control tanks and battle against enemy tanks in a maze-like arena. The objective is to destroy all enemy tanks while avoiding being hit yourself. Dendy Tanks offers a variety of power-ups and bonus items to enhance gameplay. With its simple yet addictive gameplay, Dendy Tanks continues to be loved by gamers of all ages, making it a classic in the arcade gaming world.

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Dendy Tanks Tier List

It's a cool game actually... brings back memories and its just almost like that of old. However, I'm rating it three stars because it has an idiosyncrasy of turning of game play while recording/loading next level. Please fix this problem and you could also include the level construction feature where you are able to construct a level background as in the ancient tank1990.

superb one. The game is more fun filled and challenging when enemy took the perks like tank pause, bomb, shield, etc. I was looking for this type of enhanced game only. Also it bring back those old days memories. Like the tank 1990 enhanced edition all features included. Moving in water with ship perk and cutting the grass superb one. Liked it. Just small improvement: 1. Hope the enemy tanks A.I. is little more active & fast. 2. The side screen area showing some design is also occupied and used.

The best alternative for old good dendy tanks. But please help to fix the followings: 1. Make it impossible for rivalry tanks to pick up rewards "pistol", "bomb", "lives"... Because sometimes bomb appears at rival end, just before their "nose" and the player gets automatically exploded - quite unfair. 2. Create multi player option - online or offline. For example, other "battle city" games have special reward icon, when you pick it up, you will get your "helper" - teammate tank.

Nice game, reminds me of classic dandy one, adds after each stage and i couldn't find where to buy the version without them. Devs, please correct on the English version when exiting the game it says in Russian.

I don't mind a game testing my skill. If it's too easy, there's no challenge and it becomes boring. But this one is so heavily skewed in favor of the computer, that it borders on being downright unfair. Needless to say, I'll delete it rather

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