Tanks of War is an intense and thrilling multiplayer game that puts you in control of powerful war machines. Choose from a variety of tanks, each with their own unique abilities and strengths, and engage in epic battles on various challenging terrains. Team up with friends or take on solo missions to conquer enemy territory and complete objectives. With stunning graphics and realistic tank controls, Tanks of War offers a highly immersive gameplay experience. Will you lead your team to victory or fall prey to the relentless firepower of your opponents?

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- 50 gold, 3 rubies, 2 equipment, 1000 gems, 5 diamonds, 20 resources, 1,000,000 money, 10 items, 4,000 gold, 2,500 gems, 7 equipment, 3 rubies, 50 resources, 1,000 diamonds, 5000 money, 15 items, 2,000 gold, 1,500 gems, 6 equipment

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- 500 gold, 100 gems, $50, 50 diamonds, 200 resources, epic weapon, and 10 health potions.

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dnMZxlNQ502November 14, 2023
uV6h3t8ZkP846October 31, 2023
T41rdgb6q345November 16, 2023
F0JOKnZlDxB990October 25, 2023
OZlVcJthXY657November 6, 2023

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Tanks of War Tier List

Good game with lots of potential. Fun game play, graphics are good and vehicles are realistic. Improvements: 1. Target acquisition time is too long. 2. Accuracy needs Improvement. 3. Hit/ damage registration. (targets can recieve 3-4 direct hits without taking damage. 4. No team communication. 5. Rating system. Rating points should be awarded based on an players performance via kills, damage dealt or CPs captured. If your teammates throw a game you digress in rank never making progress.

It is a fine game. The tanks are tricky to control but can be controlled well by someone experienced. No communication between team members which is weird to say. At least some short of communication would be fine. The graphics is good for a mobile game. It is pretty nice for the game to have multiple live for a single player and for each tank to have a ability that make them more unique. The progression for this game is good and simple to understand. Over all 4/5

The game so far so good, I like it that's why I give 5 stars but I want to report a problem. Whenever I use the zoom option from the Tank XM2001 Crusader, the gun will point to a unknown target and not the tank that I am targeting. Restart my phone or clear cache still the same. Dear developer, please update this bugs. Thank you.

Sooooo many grievers out there that makes the game so hard to win.. The most frustrating thing is we can't report these behaviors that harm other who try so hard to rank up.. Secondly, why the system often matching me up with ongoing games, it's giving me disadvantage to earn points..

so far so good adverts are pain but that's understandable it's to cover costs. the double up points adverts is good idea helps you progress through the game. Had to turn sensitivity right up in your settings just to get to look around when you're driving still a problem but much better on full blast. could try and take that. but it is a working project good luck

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Explosive tank battles with detailed graphics and realistic game physics! - Free tank movement has been added! Now you can navigate the map freely, forget the route!
- By numerous requests, a 3x3 team battle has been added. Now you will not be bored in duel matches!
- New maps has been added: snow-covered city, port and canyon.
- Now you can buy the missing tank cards
- A large amount of bugs has been fixed

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