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Tactacam Reveal Coupon reviews

Overall the app has a lot of good features. Some buttons are sometimes unresponsive taking multiple attempts to trigger the desired action. I wish it were possible to set up default profiles that could be used to standardize the configuration when running multiple cameras, or that would allow the same seeing to be changed on multiple cameras at once.

THE GOOD: Great photos and love that I can see what is going on at the farm 125 miles and 2.5 hours away. Great detection range and good night visibility. Great videos. THE BAD: The solar panel does not recharge the rechargeable battery pack. Very disappointing. Also bad that the APP cannot be loaded onto my laptop at home, which I am on most of the day.

so far, so good. I have 4 SP cameras, and the difference in clarity is phenomenal!! Well, I have been using it for wildlife removal trap monitoring. I get activity but nothing in the pictures. I think the one thing I like in my Stealth-Cams is that they send me a picture daily at a specified time of day. The Tactacam Reveal app doesn't have that option. That would be a great addition to improving the app. I have another camera to activate, I am holding off for now.

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