Tabletop Racing: World Tour is an exciting racing game that brings the thrill of high-speed competition to your tabletop. With stunning graphics and immersive gameplay, this game offers a unique racing experience like no other. Choose from a variety of miniaturized cars and race your way through challenging tracks set in locations around the world. Test your skills in single-player mode or challenge friends in multiplayer races. With customizable cars and upgrades, Tabletop Racing: World Tour keeps you engaged and entertained for hours on end. Get ready to rev your engines and conquer the tabletop!

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- 10,000 gold, 5 diamonds, 2 rubies, 3 equipment, 100 gems, 1,000 money, 4 resources, 2 items, 50,000 gold, 10 diamonds.

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- 10,000 gold, 50 gems, $100,000, 5 diamonds, 100 resources, 3 epic equipment, 20 rare items.

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7lXWfQ40204October 25, 2023
8JhiyV5dq7861October 24, 2023
pd5vPAqLO159October 6, 2023
rFf3i5P1vwM672November 13, 2023
e0MJCdDSfK614November 14, 2023

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Great port, my only issue is the controller support. Love that it has it, especially as this is a port from consoles, but not being able to map actions to different buttons is a bit frustrating. Why is Accelerate and Brake/Reverse mapped to the Right analogue stick, instead of the Right and Left Triggers? Especially if you have analogue Triggers. Let us change that in a setting or as an option and it'll be a perfect port.

Fantastic app. Played it on the Xbox and only recently discovered it was available on the go. Great pocket racing experience,only criticism would be that the physics of the car fell a bit off. The cars fell very heavy for remote control cars. Once you get past this, the racing is extremely addictive and brilliant for short bursts.

It is a really good game. Firstly I don't have any problems with loading times, frame rate or battery life on my Nokia 5.1+, which is a pretty cheap gaming phone. The tracks look and drive great. The game is fun, but you'll lose a lot of races on the last corner, but driving well will win you races, so there is still a lot of skill involved. You can earn the best cars by the end of the sixth championship, which is awesome. If you are old enough to remember Micro Machines, it is like that but even better.

Better graphics than the original and more challenging (but I kinda like that) , also the controls are better. Does seem to lag in places even though my phones should be powerfull enough , mainly when there is effects going on (especially the plasma balls), I think its and newer android problem as my older, less powerfull phone ran it fine!. Anyway apart from that I love it. Thank you very much

From 5 to just 1 star. Reason? A.I. BOT IS A CHEATER. It ignores all kinds of TTRWT physics. Winning the race near the finish line? The bot will zoom behind you and perform a PIT maneuver. Middle of the pack? Bot will make sure you don't finish in Elimination mode at all. Sbortcuts? Bot will zoom everything easily without using shortcuts.

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No Subscriptions, No Loot crates, No In-app Purchases or No Adverts! Pure fun! Fix for multiplayer regional assignments

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