SyncUP DRIVE™ is a powerful tool that helps you stay connected with your vehicle like never before. This innovative device provides real-time vehicle tracking, maintenance alerts, and diagnostics, making it easier to stay on top of your car’s health and performance. You can also turn your car into a Wi-Fi hotspot, enabling you to connect up to 5 devices at once. Stay safe on the road with live location tracking, emergency roadside assistance, and vehicle health reports. SyncUP DRIVE™ puts the power of connected car technology in your hands, giving you peace of mind and convenience on the go.

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SyncUP DRIVE ™ Reviews

This SyncUP account was transferred from a Sprint Drive. Sprint Drive was much more accurate and responsive. There was an actual figure of a small car that that was in real time that could be followed at all times as it moved on the map. I find that T-Mobile SyncUp is lagging in time and never very responsive. However, with SyncUP, I do appreciate the alerts for battery and engine health. Also, like the driver alerts come in helpful! YES. I would recommend, just not over Sprint Drive.

I was forced to "upgrade" to this device after the tmobile sprint acquisition due to the Sprint Drive being an unsupported product after the transfer of ownership. However, this device is far from being an upgrade product , it is extremely laggy in connection, loading, and notification time , and the app does not show addresses between drives . My vehicle was broken into a couple of weeks back, and it never sent me a notification. Please developers optimize this app more like Sprint Drive was .

Horrible app, I can't even connect to the Sync up drive at all. I have the old app with the old OBD but never had any problems with it, I put in my mom's car so I had to get another one for mine. This "update" on the other hand is pretty much useless. I'd rather use the old sync up drive. I even called customer service, they sent me a diff OBD thinking it was the problem. I tried setting up the new OBD, and still wont connect. Im returning it again tomorrow.

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