Swing Blade: Sword Action is a thrilling game that takes players on a journey through ancient times. With a unique gameplay mechanic, players can swing their virtual sword using realistic motion controls, truly immersing themselves in the action. From slaying fierce monsters to engaging in epic sword battles, the game offers endless excitement. As players progress, they can unlock new swords with different abilities and upgrade their skills to become the ultimate sword master. Prepare for an adrenaline-pumping adventure and get ready to swing your way to victory in Swing Blade: Sword Action.

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IeN1KFmg865December 10, 2023
3miuVSZU1M960December 21, 2023
rMx57Zovn461January 22, 2024
GQYDkPwXmTl230January 1, 2024
ZoSlcVvAHJ282December 21, 2023

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I loved it there is a certain amount of ads but none the less it is still great but one problem sometimes when I hit an enemy it glitches out and I can't hit it but still a great game

Nope !!! After 1st level is over it gives the 'Black screen of death' and has to be reinstalled, not really recommended for serious play so it's uninstalled and as such deserves Zero Stars 😡👎🚮🗑🗑🚮👎😡

(aka:testerzero) Kud b nlg (ymmv), but blade orientation is askew and 'complete' is usually too early (or late)... It lacks that degree of satisfaction that one wants ... Has potential tho...

It's very good very well detailed that's wrong The robots they make this weird too I never knew sliced at it's still it's good.

I keep seeing this ad in Geometry Dash whenever I tried to go to another app it keeps appearing

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Cut up all your enemies! Exhilarating sword-fighting action bug fixes.

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