Sweet Road is a delightful match 3 puzzle game that will satisfy your sweet tooth. Join the adorable characters, Gingerbread Man and Cookie, as you travel through various yummy landscapes and solve challenging puzzles. Swap and match lollipops to clear the board and earn delicious rewards. With over 400 levels to play, there are plenty of sugary adventures to embark on. Plus, the charming graphics and catchy music make Sweet Road a truly enjoyable gaming experience. So get ready for a sugar-filled journey on Sweet Road: Lollipop Match 3!

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I love the game immensely. The only problem for me, is the difficulty in the later levels, particularly the "hard" levels. The general rule I give myself, is 5 levels. If I can't win a level the 1st time using all my lives, I usually uninstall the game. If I find the game truly enjoyable, I may rest from it for a time, then try another set of 5 lives, but that's my max for any game. If it's frustrating, it's no longer enjoyable. I said that to say this...this game is getting close to that point.

it's a lot of fun. but when you get a "coin spin", you NEVER get more than 2 coins. or a prize from the garden. you NEVER get coins. I totally understand you want people to purchase coins. But perhaps a little incentive would make people a bit more agreeable to spend the $$. I would. Though I appreciate the answer to my last review, nothing has changed in regards to my concerns. I do really like playing this. It's been able to keep me entertained for years. It's fun! But......?!?

I love the gameplay until level 141. It says in a pop up that im out of moves and takes the life now each and every single time it says shuffling. I cannot, under any circumstance, clear that level due to this error. Its a pity to uninstall it but no sense in cluttering memory with a game I cannot pass levels in. Let me know if you fix it.

I'm sorry to have to take my 5 star rating of your game down to 1 star, and I'm starting think it's the end of the road for Sweet Road. I play daily and I love the game, but no new levels have been added since I finished level 1950 3 wks ago. It's very frustrating. I'm getting tired or replaying old levels. I starting to think it's time to move on 😕

An addictive game and a really challenge. Have finished the game and desperate for new levels. Its now over 8 months... Been infirmed by the developers they are not bothering with android anymore so there will be NO new levels. What a waste for the millions of users. Will just find a new game to play. Ridiculous decision not to keep this game going and was given no reason why

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Swap candy! Pop sweet jelly! The sweetest match 3 candy puzzle for candy mania! * In-game Error Correction
- Various in-game errors and stability issues have been fixed, so you can enjoy the game better.

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