Survival Island: Dragon Clash is an exciting and action-packed adventure game that will test your survival skills. Stranded on a mysterious island, you must navigate through treacherous terrains, fend off vicious dragons, and gather resources to survive. With stunning graphics and immersive gameplay, you’ll feel the thrill of the wild as you battle these mythical creatures. Explore hidden caves, craft weapons, and build shelters to protect yourself. Can you conquer the challenges of Survival Island and defeat the dragons? It’s time to find out and prove your survival instincts in Dragon Clash.

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pXIez5jm294January 16, 2024
naUNzTGdBx407December 7, 2023
F1tZxjQBW815January 21, 2024
htoG6r3gVuR788December 14, 2023
tc8OD5kHMN917December 7, 2023

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Can't build a house/base, can't attack the animals, cold keeps increasing when i'm already in full armor & using torch. Can't put the firecamp or the floor for some reason.. maybe bugs. Can't kill the animals so the hunger meter keep decreasing. Too many bugs,character laggy, hard to control. At least need a basic guide like how to play this game.

Disappointing really when I saw the trailer I thought oh yay a winter survival game but then I spawn in with so much resources like someone turned on a cheat code I wish there was a setting that I could make myself spawn in with nothing and have to gather all of that from scratch the best part of a survival game for me is that struggle to stay alive for just one more day. and starting with so much completely removes that struggle

This game is very disappointing i had seen ever. The game froze and do not work and i had played it 4 times but this thing always happens . My phone Hangs because of this game i

Terrible you die way to fast the controls don't work and everything can 2shot you if I could I would remove it from the appstore immediately

Need to explain 1st when new game also less heat on cell life & not just go into it also kinds boring with out help 1st starting playing game no some tools how get it or anything I play frostbron & other stuff like this

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Fight with dragons in epic dragon clash saga!

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