Survival Heroes is an action-packed mobile game that combines the thrill of battle royale and the strategic elements of MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) games. Players can choose from a variety of unique heroes and dive into intense battles on a vast and immersive map. The goal is simple: survive and be the last hero standing. With stunning visuals, powerful weaponry, and an ever-shrinking safe zone, Survival Heroes provides an exhilarating gaming experience that will keep players on their toes. Are you ready to prove your survival skills and become a champion in Survival Heroes?

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- 50 gold, 3 healing potions, 200 wood, 10 gems, 1 diamond, 2 rubies, 1 epic sword, 5 mana potions, 100 silver, 1 enchanted bow.

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- 100 gold, 50 gems, $20, 10 diamonds, 500 wood, a golden sword, a health potion

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Rph0g9x6429September 27, 2023
N0eOJEAvQB263October 22, 2023
xOJifGWs4506October 27, 2023
6K7e5C3mhPU749October 22, 2023
3PGLVa4gd0399October 6, 2023

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I love the idea and it's actually fun, just a few annoying things. 1. Idk if it's just me but the texts when I chat love to double up 2. Sometimes the mic features doesn't work. Haven't ran across that problem a lot only a couple times 3. I know its early but can you add a few more features when editing our character? That's pretty much it. This game has most of my spare time on lock

One of the best games of its type, in my opinion. Quick, gripping battles with decent graphics. A few bugs here and there. My main complaint is that when queuing with a friend, queue would go for 10 min without any game popping up after just running one together. Can't be fixed without completely exiting game and reloading. Other than that, it's a great game that I believe I will play for a long time!

I got the chance to play one Battle round. This game is a unique killer! For Android.nice graphics. Nice loot and weapon and skills change option during battle. Its the most amazing i ever played. But only once! Now the system fails to let me enter a game. It freezes and shuts diwn my entire phone! If this can be fixed, i give a 5 star review as a true gamer. If not, im erasing before it destroys my phone

This game would have been a four or five out of five stars if there wasn't the constant friends list glitch every time I log in. Sometimes when I first login it says all my friends are offline and then I have to restart the game to see them. On the other hand game play as still as good as it's ever been and a great time killer. Also equalizing pay-to-win and free to play in this game would give it a rating boost in the fan base for sure. Thanks!

Unique and fun game, with perfect item collection, combat, and various weapons all with different skills, and free players can beat paying players through skill, but I wish there were more maps and less waiting time for matches. Maybe there could be a quick play button where you're automatically added to the next available match, whether in solo, duo, or team. #1 reason I'm rating 3 stars though is the mandatory mic permission. It really should be optional as voice chat isn't used by everyone.

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Survival Heroes Wiki

This is MOBA Battle Royale A distinctive multiplayer online Battle Royale 1. Trial Card has been revamped and will be available periodically.
2. Added new feature which gives extra rewards to players who play with returning or new players.
3. Added extra rewards in Season, and added Season shop.
4. Weapon Optimization
5. Revamped weapons in Custom room and will be available in Rank Mode later.
6. Added a new Miraculous skin for Dagger
7. Added a new Weapon. (Will be available in later update)

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