is a thrilling 2D Battle Royale game that pits players against each other in an intense fight for survival. With its simple, yet addictive gameplay mechanics and fast-paced action, it’s sure to keep you coming back for more. Explore the map, scavenge for weapons and equipment, and eliminate your opponents to be the last one standing. With a variety of game modes and a unique leaderboard system, offers endless hours of entertainment for both casual and hardcore gamers. Are you ready to rise to the challenge and claim victory?

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- 10 gold, 5 gems, 2 rubies, 1 diamond, 3 pieces of equipment, 1000 money, 20 resources, and 7 items.

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- Gold, gems, money, diamonds, resources, equipment, items: 100, 50, 5000, 10, 2000, guns, medical kits, grenades, armor.

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cvrw5nWB344November 3, 2023
eGQ48NgOMV125September 23, 2023
R0XlrxteC223October 23, 2023
8VSk3DJLY2o365November 20, 2023
40d1hRc5e6975November 11, 2023

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  • Step 1: Click on 'Avatar' => 'Settings' => 'Promo Code'.
  • Step 2: Enter the code in the gift code box and press 'Confirm' to receive the reward. – 2D Battle Royale Tier List

The game in its core is fun but the controls are bad for mobile. There needs to be more options for shooting because half of the time the controls may not lead you to where you want it to. As for the performance. It lags hugely every now in then. Not often but when it does its massive. Its disappointing given this game would be better with more control options. Tap to shoot were you click? Its mobile so there will still be problems but I feel way more responsive, dynamic even.

The game itself is great, but on mobile it's a no go unless you want to pay to remove ads. The ads on mobile are extremely intrusive after a match you're hit with a video ad, and once you make it to the main menu you will frequently have another ad (this one tends to be an image based ad) but it covers 2/3 of the screen with no visible x button to close it. All in all great game bad mobile implementation.

This game was amazing and it still is. Ever since the devs randomly choose modes everyday, it always kept me playing. One thing that would make this game the best, in the comeback of seasonal modes. And maybe new weapons and locations. Of course i do have problems logging in, i don't know if it is my connection of there is a bug.

This game is pretty fun especially since I have a group of friends to play with. But recently I've been having trouble even playing because the the startup menu doesn't even load properly, which is insanely annoying. I can't even get into a game anymore, and I've tried the universal 'turn it off and back on' trick, but can't seem to fix it. I'm assuming this is now an issue with the game itself since I can't seem to fix it on my end. If it helps any, my phone is running on Android Pie (9).

I've played this game since the release of Version 0.6.2 and I've enjoyed the game. Sadly, I can't recommend this version of it in its current state, as it has constant lag spikes, bugs with the overall game, and WAY to many ads and other microtransactions for an IO game. If the game ever becomes stable and gets content besides Battle Passes and Loot Boxes then I would perhaps rate it higher, but in its current form the game is in a rough spot. Play the PC version if you want to play this game. – 2D Battle Royale Coupon Codes – 2D Battle Royale Wiki

The #1 2D Battle Royale game is now on mobile! Fixed crashes related to local notifications.

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