Super Phantom Cat is an addictive and retro-style platformer game that takes you on a nostalgic journey. With its vibrant graphics and chiptune soundtrack, this game recreates the charm of classic 2D platformers. As a player, you take on the role of a cat named Ari, who embarks on a mission to rescue his sister, Ina. Explore fantastical worlds, solve puzzles, defeat enemies, and collect treasures along the way. Super Phantom Cat offers an exhilarating gameplay experience that will keep you entertained for hours.

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I love this game. It's definitely in my top 3 mobile games. A nice platformer with fun mechanics and "sprites" that spice it up. The music is charming, and the occasional quips from the narrator bring life to the world. The only issue I have with this app is that it's sometimes improperly formatted to my phone. I can't exit out of ads, so I have to leave the game and come back, often losing my progress.

A great hybrid of Mega Man and Super Mario, with a super-cute aesthetic and simple, compelling gameplay. Encourages you at every turn and full of good design choices throuought. Just as fun as I remember it. Edit: after the first time I played it started crashing every time I started the game. I figured out that this is because I had disallowed it internet access and it was trying to load an ad. Downgraded from four to three stars. So you know.

Great game!! Love the characters you can be, though maybe add more cat characters since it has cat in it's name. And also, once when I was failing a level where you had to bounce higher to get a star by landing on spiders and that would launch you up if you killed them and the game offered being Phantom cat if I watched a add. I did but when I tried jumping on the spiders they just died and I wasn't launched up, I tried jumping a bunch of times before I gave up and tried to die on purpose so I would be able to restart in my normal character. Of course Phantom Cat wouldn't die though!! If I jumped in a hole Phantom Cat would float up, if I let monsters hit me, they would die! In a different situation, those immunities would be awesome but I ended up having to finish the level without the star and going back in my normal character. Other than that, it's a fantastic game! I highly recommend it!

I really enjoy this game but there are things that I dislike. I played non stop to get "ad free" not sure if that was supposed to last a day or the rest of the time I have the game but I got an ad literally after I clicked off the screen saying I completed all 4 days. When it comes to doubling your money or saving your life you gotta pay or watch an ad. I've never been able to watch an ad. It freezes and glitches from time to time. I can be playing and the pause screen can come up out of nowhere

The only thing holding this game back from a five star rating are the ads that force me to restart the game when I'm offered an extra life or a phantom cat power up. When an ad for a power up plays, it will either play the version that I can close once it has finished, or the version that loops indefinitely. When the latter happens, I have to close the app and lose my progress on that level. Everything else is spectacular. This game was clearly crafted with care.

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Come and play with kittens in the Phantom World. Ready for battle!

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