Super Fowlst 2 is a hardcore minimalistic platform game with procedurally generated levels, lots of bosses and their minions. You have to play the role of the most ordinary chicken, which in some unknown way ended up in an incredible world inhabited by deadly evil spirits. Help the chicken in trouble to survive. Clear levels from various monsters and beware of deadly dangerous traps. Look for boxes with gold coins and amplifiers. Gradually, the complexity of the levels will increase, and the enemies will acquire weapons.

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HuSkaj25N8r December 18, 2022 350
6MSUX0YOy1be February 1, 2023 123
AOlk73oiHM December 14, 2022 488
CleMQdFqn9V December 24, 2022 175
ujak5GiUMOb December 25, 2022 177

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Great and amazing game. Only problem is that i can only play it once. Once I close it out and open it back up again everythign starts of normal until the homescreen loads in (with the issue being that it doesn't). Instead I see a blue screen with a small green bar at the top and a couple animated leaves. Regardless of this issue I still find myself uninstalling and reinstalling the game and playing for hours at a time, (despite not making progress ) just cause the game is so good.

Good game, a great game even. If you were to put this up on Steam for maybe five bucks I would buy it there (I refuse to pay to remove ads). It however feels a bit lacking, wish there were a few more enemies, maybe bombs would be able to harm you, maybe if you stay in water too long you drown. Ect ect. That's absolutely me nitpicking through, game is great enough being indie.

If you like Super Fowlst you'll love Super Fowlst 2! All of the art is original, there's radically different and new enemies in addition to old ones. The stage themes are completely different and unique from one another. I love the new upgrades and power ups. The new enemies provide unique challenges in dealing with each one. Xbox controller controls are a little goofed so maybe add the option to map what button does what? Controller support isn't really even necessary but, it's a cool feature!

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Fixed a bug where the game would not respond to touch on some on devices running Android 11

Name Super Fowlst 2
Version 1.17.0
Price FREE
Rating 4.4 (1694 ratings)
Category Codes
Update December 9, 2022
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