Super Falling Fred is an addictive and adrenaline-packed game that will keep you on the edge of your seat. In this game, you play as Fred, a clumsy character who enjoys falling down from various locations. Your goal is to guide Fred through a series of obstacles and see how far you can make him fall without getting seriously injured. With stunning graphics, smooth controls, and challenging levels, Super Falling Fred is a must-have game for anyone looking for a thrilling and entertaining gaming experience.

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Really fun free-falling game. I like the way the music shifts when the level changes. All i have to say that this is one great game.

This game is a ripoff and doesn't restore any purchases if it gets deleted and reinstalled. My six year old is upset. He's played this game a lot and has progressed so far and the game accidently got deleted and now none of the progress is there. Can't contact the developers either. Zero stars!

I love the game i played when i was 5 and im 12 now but the app is not working most of the time because it has an add and it stays stuck on loading so can you please fix that bug because it never did this please and thank you.

Still as fun as when I first played it on my iPhone but now I have an android and I'm loving this game on it 😁 Shame the developer has abandoned this game.. last updated in 2015.. its actually still a good game.

Great game, had it years ago too.. just added it back and there are still a few glitches. Other than that, its awesome.

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The ultimate gross-out arcade high-scorer is here! - Performance and stability improvements
- Polishing and minor bug fixing

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