Super Brain Plus is an exciting puzzle game that will not only allow you to have fun in your free time, but also help you improve your mental abilities and expand your intellect. The collection includes several popular games such as 2248, Sudoku, Tangram, Pipes. For those who are not familiar with the rules of puzzles, there are special training levels. Play at your own pace – there are no time limits to keep you in suspense. Enjoy the best logic games, improve your intelligence and attentiveness, keep your brain in good shape and have a good time!

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oZeJt9xxxxx Get

- Gold x1397K, Gems x173, Coins x78596

nFex1pxxxxx Get

- Diamonds x675, Money x15763, Resources x9548K

Brain Plus – Keep brain active Codes

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Gift CodesExpiration DateTotal
byxw1vCSOAnJune 5, 2023335
nSDlmKfcWTakMay 30, 2023726
AtsqTc3p24June 2, 2023419
yWwQpK3gUqeMay 25, 2023350
x2pn0lv3QbXJune 22, 2023844

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The games are addicting and sometimes frustrating because of the challenge. (I do not like how Sudoku is set up.) But the ads are unbearable! Every single time you solve something you sit through 30-60 seconds of an ad. It is ridiculous. You get through a challenge in 5 seconds, watch a 30 second ad, solve another one in 10 seconds, watch a 30 second ad, etc etc. What a waste of time! The games aren't fun enough or played often enough to warrant paying for an ad free version. Disappointing.

There are decent games, and the ads are short. However, I uninstalled it because there is no option to skip levels. It's really boring spending the hours it takes going through the motions of playing every game in every beginner mode. And there are A LOT of mandatory beginner levels. If I could could skip straight to advanced I might have enjoyed this app, but ultimately it was too easy and boring.

This used to be my FAVORITE APP!!! I loved all of the different games and they were really well made. HOWEVER recently it has started glitching and crashing so frequently its almost unplayable. I've uninstalled and reinstalled multiple times in hopes to fix it. It hasn't worked. PLEASE FIX! Update: it's been a few months and I have to drop it down to 1 star. Still no fix. 😔

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Classic riddle Puzzle collection, Challenge yourself, Train your mind -Close Christmas theme
-Add Google account login
-Fix the problem about Android 12 and Android 13 device freezing

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