Summoners Era: Idle Strategy is an exciting and immersive mobile game that takes players on a journey through a mystical world filled with magical creatures and powerful summoners. In this game, players will strategically assemble a team of unique and diverse creatures to fight in epic battles. With its idle gameplay feature, players can progress even when they’re not actively playing, allowing for continuous growth and exploration. Embark on this thrilling adventure, collect rare summons, and become the ultimate summoner in Summoners Era: Idle Strategy.

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7AkUPnBX495November 30, 2023
Sd9wovYJ0e384January 8, 2024
0vtXFOqUm471January 5, 2024
HQmj5kBYKNc267December 5, 2023
3sbgWQBFhN375December 14, 2023

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This new update has lot of bugs , 1. While collecting rewards there are some randome images like you got 12m rewards like 15 of them showing, and also as I previously stated why I'm still getting adds even though I'm VIP 2 ? Which is doesn't make any sense, and i also reported this problem in Facebook page but they didn't even respond, very bad experience

You hit the paywall at the last battle before you finish normal mode. I have a team that is maxed out at lv 80 and has a higher overall rating than the team you play, but you can't even defeat one of their players. Also the arena matching sucks. The first couple days you have players that you can compete against but after that everybody it gives you to fight is at least twice your power. It was fun while you could be competitive but there is s definitive point where you will need to pay.

This game become more pay 2 play. Not good for a f2p player and many bugs in this game.

Game is fun still a lot to be released as well but these servers are awful it kicks me off the game so many times saying I can't connect to the server and it's not a issue on my side of the servers we're better I would rather 5 stars but it's frustrating having to reload the game every few minutes

the game is nice and fun, pretty graphics, easy game play, and addictive

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Fighting in the Hero War and become the Grand Summoner - Release Event Black Friday
- Release Event ThanksGiving
- Improve UI/UX
- Fixed bugs and Optimized

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