is the ultimate destination for classic Sudoku lovers. With a clean and user-friendly interface, this online platform provides endless hours of puzzle-solving fun. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, offers puzzles of various difficulty levels to cater to your skill level. Sharpen your logical thinking and improve concentration by completing the grids with numbers from 1 to 9, ensuring that no digit is repeated in any row, column, or 3×3 block. Challenge yourself and become a Sudoku master on today!

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I'm well aware that the free version of the game has ads in order to support it. The problem is that ads appear as you start a round of sudoku, after you unpause, after you've placed all of one certain number on the board, and then at the end, you're also rewarded with an ad. That's excessive. The game seems to know this, as it crashes when it loads too many. Even as someone who is usually willing to shrug off ads for free games, this is just ridiculous.

Only here to uninstall. I've played for over 2 years. The past year+ it crashes on almost every ad (and there are plenty). I know ads are necessay to fund the game. But it's not necessay for them to freeze and crash every time you play. I've been sending feedback after every crash for over a year and they've made no improvement. I'm done with it.

Too many 15 second ads unless you pay up. I would enjoy it more and more often otherwise. After uninstalling and using another app for a year, I decided to try it again. There are even more ads now, randomly popping up in the middle of the game! UPDATE: what used to be ads popping up every 3 minutes is now every 2 minutes. This is the only game I play that pops up ads during play. I'm done with easybrain.

Good puzzles overall, ad frequency can get a bit too high if you're a fast solver though Edit: the ad scheme has changed since I last played, and now it seems the first time you completely solve for one digit it triggers an ad break which I can't imagine is necessary to get enough impressions. Makes the puzzles infuriating and breaks flow constantly.

Hey, devs, I've been scrolling through your replies to things and can see that you're just copy/pasting responses instead of actually engaging with people. Nice. Good customer service. 👍 Waaaaay too many ads now. Like many others on here, I've played this one for a long time now and want to find a replacement because of the intrusive ads. They interrupt you multiple times per game in addition to the usual playing at the beginning and end of each game. – classic sudoku Coupon Codes – classic sudoku Wiki

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